Our employees are part of the WASCOSA success story.

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    Philipp Müller

    President of the Board of Directors

    Philipp Müller, ​President of the Board of Directors of WASCOSA AG, on a special corporate culture and the advantages of this for customers.

    How did WASCOSA AG come about, and what lies ahead?
    Philipp Müller: «WASCOSA AG is at the forefront of the industry. It was one of the first companies in Europe to hire out railway transportation. Numerous further proprietary developments and improvements followed. We live this progressive culture on a daily basis, because it ensures that we remain open, agile and quick to react. It will also pave the way into the future.»

    How does this special inhouse culture affect customer relations?
    «We want to be better, to achieve more, to be at the cutting edge. We always take things one step further with the aim of offering our customers not only benefits but true added value. This forms the basis for long-standing, successful partnerships with our customers.»

    What do these high standards mean for the company?
    «Our advantage is experience, acquired over many years. But more than other companies, an independent family-run business like ours needs to focus and further enhance its know-how. Constant personnel development is therefore our top priority.»

Executive Board

Peter Balzer

Chief Executive Officer CEO

«We are forerunners and take this role seriously. Which is why you are right to expect more from us.»

Irmhild Saabel

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) /
Executive Board

«We don’t just talk, we follow through.»

Yann Bonguardo
Chief Sales Officer CSO

Markus Vaerst
Chief Operations Officer COO

Stephan Kellmann
Chief Financial Officer CFO

Kirsten Trost
Chief Investment Officer CIO