Box wagons

The innovative sliding wall wagons for transporting weather-sensitive, large-volume and palletised cargoes set new standards in terms of functionality and logistics.

    Sliding-wall wagon

  • Details
    Sliding-wall car, Habbiillnss
    Tare weight 26.5 tons, with 2 separating walls
    Wheelset load 22.5 tons
    Permissible gross weight 90.0 tons
    Travelling speed 100 km/h at max. 63.5 tons, 120 km/h at max. 53.5 tons
    Field of application TEN, GE/G1
    Smallest track radius 60 m
    Lenght over buffers 23.26 m
    Max. axle base 19.52 m
    Buffer Category A, 40 kJ
    Bogies Y25 Ls-1
    Brake KE-GP-A (K)
    Brake shoes J816M (K-Blocks)
    Hand brake on every wagon
    Load area 62.4 m2
    Loading length 22.00 m, with 2 separating walls
    Loading width 2.84 m
    Loading height over rail 1.20 m
    Spaces for euro pallets 63 with 2 separating walls
    Spaces for industrial pallets 42 with 2 separating walls
    Partition walls 2 or more sliding and locking partition walls
    Floor Plywood floors suitable for wheel vertical forces up to 60 kN

  • Tams wagon

  • Details
    Tams wagon with tarpaulin top, 75 m3
    Tare weight 22.31 tons
    Wheelset load 20.0 tons
    Length between buffers 14.04 m
    Buffer UIC 562-1, Cat. A
    Bogie BA 865
    Wheelsets BA 080/BA 182
    Brake KE-GP 16"
    Doors One door on each side of car
    Roof Rolling roof with chain drive