As Wascosa grows, its wagon fleet gets even younger
 Wascosa, Europe’s first provider of freight wagon systems, is currently significantly expanding its wagon fleet by investing in more than 1’700 newly built vehicles from various wagon manufacturers. As a result, Wascosa is now firmly established as the 5th largest wagon leasing company in Europe.
However, when it comes to the age of the fleet where the average wagon age is currently only 13 years, Wascosa is well ahead in first place in Europe. Thanks to the numerous investments in new rolling stock, this average age will be significantly reduced again by the end of 2018 to an average of around 10 years. In the words of Peter Balzer, CEO of Wascosa: "The benefits of Europe's youngest fleet are evident to our customers: low noise, safe and highly efficient.”

At the same time, Wascosa is pressing on with its program of systematically fitting its wagons with telematics systems. As Peter Balzer adds: "Digitalization has definitely taken hold in the freight wagon industry and the trend is unstoppable.”
In addition to ongoing new builds, Wascosa has recently taken over 200 Fanps bulk freight wagons in its wagon portfolio.

Bulk freight wagons as an extension of Wascosa’s wagon fleet